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With years of experience and an undying passion for helping clients, BP Garage Doors remains the number one option for garage door repairs.

Our team is committed, passionate, and meticulous when it comes to helping clients.

Here’s more on why we’re the ultimate fit for your garage door needs.


BP Garage Doors has been serving clients in Tampa Bay for over 20 years and continues to add to its expertise with each passing day. Our technicians are licensed and insured making it easier to rely on their craftsmanship. We don’t cut corners nor do we take our clients for granted. Whether it is a broken garage door, missing bolt, or a misaligned track, our technicians will come in and complete the repair work on time.

The charm of BP Garage Doors is the same day service. Our team doesn’t waste time when it comes to helping clients. The technician will come in, examine the door, and start the repair work as soon as he/she is given the go ahead. Clients will know their garage door is going to be back up and running as soon as they want.

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether it is raining or not, we’ll have a qualified technician to your property in a matter of minutes. Yes, just call in, book a time for your consultation, and know a technician is going to be there on time as required. This is the beauty of going with a qualified service that is friendly, committed, and understands the importance of time management. Our technicians go through a rigorous quality control protocol to ensure they’re meeting the needs of our clients. This includes offering seamless phone support if necessary!

We are a locally owned business and have built a fantastic reputation in the Tampa region. Our technicians are locals with top-tier experience ensuring the results are efficient, trustworthy and in line with a client’s needs. This is what makes us special. We’re dedicated to ensuring our experience is used for helping locals with their garage doors. This is how BP Garage Doors stands out in comparison to all of its competitors.


At BP Garage Doors, we’re proud to offer a wide array of services and continue to add to our repertoire with each passing day.

Our technicians use top-tier equipment, modern techniques, and display a real love for ongoing repairs or installations that are impossible to find anywhere else!

When it comes to repairs, we’re able to fix anything related to your overhead garage door. Whether it has to do with a broken spring, torn belt, or even a worn-out garage door, our technician will put together a plan and get down to work. Clients are welcome to speak with our technicians and customize the experience to fit their needs.

At BP Garage Doors, we’re proud to work with our clients to troubleshoot an issue before coming up with an appropriate resolution. This is going to be fast, effective, and budget-friendly because that’s what a good service should offer! Along with the overhead garage door, we’re also able to assist clients with their accessories (keypads, garage door openers, and remotes).


Our team understands the value of time and puts in the effort to complete all tasks efficiently. Our technicians will personalize each experience based on the client’s schedule, needs, and garage door trouble making it a seamless day for everyone. At BP Garage Doors, our number one goal is to perform at the highest possible standard.

For more information on BP Garage Doors and our team of technicians, please call 727-224-7599 and book a quick appointment right now!